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Bloop Credits

Bloop Credits

Save with Bloop Credits today!

Unlock the ease of cashless payments with Bloop Credits! Whether you are looking to clean, sanitize or restore your vehicle to showroom condition, you have the flexibility to choose the service that best suits your needs. Start using Bloop Credits to enjoy significant savings, discount offers and other surprises!


1 Bloop credit = $1


  • STEP 1: Purchase Bloop Credits below choosing from the different plan options, having the flexibilty to mix and match the Basic/Bling/Bloop washes based on your needs while enjoying more savings.


  • STEP 2: Make an appointment on the "Book now" tab to select the service of your choice and secure a suitable time and date. 


  • STEP 3: Checkout using the Bloop credits which you have just purchased.
1. Starters
1. Starters500 CREDITS
Book up to 3 Bloop washes at your door.
2. Essential
2. Essential1000 CREDITS
Book up to 6 Bloop washes at your door.
3. Premium
3. Premium1500 CREDITS
Book up to 9 Bloop washes at your door.