Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


Late cancellation window of 24 hours applies for bookings. Late cancellation or no-shows to your bookings will result in a cancellation fine of $20.

Yes, we will only charge transportation charge cost of $12 once for multiple cars at the same location.

You can check out our package price list on the "Pricing" tab on the menu bar, once you have decided which wash you would like to go for, click on the “Book Now” tab to enter the information required. We will send you a confirmation e-mail once your booking has been processed. Whatsapp us at +65 9139 8286 for any urgent questions.

Recommended once a week for a Basic wash, once a month for a full Bloop steam wash cleaning.

Washing the exterior once a week will properly maintain the paint and exterior of your vehicle and will only keep enhancing the value and quality of it and its features.

Washing the interior once a month, especially if you have school pickups, carpools, sports practices or pets will help maintain the cleanliness of your cabin, and reduce the build-up of dust and dirt which could create poor air quality in the interior of your vehicle. Keeping the interior of your car clean will help you avoid allergies and other problems that can be associated with poor indoor air quality. By reducing stress, a clean car interior can also promote your mental health, as well.

The experts say that maintaining and cleaning your car regularly will keep your car in excellent condition, appearance and also protecting its resale value.

Do keep your personal valuables and fragile items with you and we will take care of the rest. Our diligent crew will assist to take out all your belongings from the vehicle first before the wash and then place them back to their original places after the wash.

It is not necessary as there will not be any water run-off or soap used in the cleaning hence we will not create a mess of the area. It would be preferable to find a secluded corner of the carpark with less cars or on a higher level of the multi storey carpark so that our team will have more space to work with.

In the event of inclement weather, severe storms or heavy rain, Bloop will attempt to continue our services in covered areas. If there are no covered areas available, our team members will assess the current weather condition, and if necessary, our scheduling team will work with you to find a more convenient time to re-schedule your service.

Kindly seek approval from the carpark management of your building that you will be doing a steam wash for your vehicle before booking your wash.

Steam Clean

Automotive paintwork is exposed to all weathers and endures extreme cold and heat conditions. The steam is a form of gas and as soon as it is exposed to the atmosphere the temperature drops exponentially. Our cleaning professionals have been well trained to handle the equipment well, and it is part of our practice to always keep a minimum distance of 3-4 inches between the tip of the steam gun and the car surface. The steam cleaning technology is being used globally and has been proven not to cause any damage to paintwork in any way.

Steam cleaning is very beneficial for the paintwork and will clean your car well without damaging your coating. Steam cleaning was originally used to clean super cars only because it preserves the paintwork and lacquer very well - all it does is lifts the dirt to the surface which is then wiped away with a micro-fibre cloth. We’ve had many customers with diamond / ceramic / glass coatings and our steam cleaning methods have proven to work very well with these coatings.

Steam cleaning effectively removes those particles by applying just the right amount of heat, water and pressure. High quality microfiber clothes or towels are only recommended to dry and polish the vehicle. Steam is lot more gentle than high-pressure water-jet, furthermore there is no subject such as brush in direct contact with the car surface, only a soft microfiber cloth using minimal force. Generally, steam car wash is lot more scratchproof than conventional car wash methods, moreover vapour steam has the affect to recover the original shine of the car.

When washing a vehicle with the Steamer, the tip of the spray gun is held 3-4 inches away from the surface of the vehicle. At this distance, the steam temperature is roughly 65-75° Celsius and will not remove decals. Steam cleaning works well even on wrapped vehicles and will not cause any damage to the wrap. This applies to solar films and tints as well which will not be affected in any way.

Steam cleaning is ideal for deep cleaning on both leather and fabric seats which will remove stains and dirt trapped within the seats effectively. The pressure used is sufficient to rid of any tough stains and dirt but not strong enough to cause any damage on these surfaces.

The wax will last a few weeks to a month. The wax acts as an additional layer of protection even if you may already have coating done, to retain more shine, provide more protection and enhance the hydrophobic effect.

Yes, it is highly effective in removing stubborn brake dust, tough stains, bug and tar. Our steam cleaning methods are also able to reach into tight areas and gaps where your fingers cannot reach to ensure that dirt and grime in these areas are thoroughly removed as well.

Watermarks can be tough to remove and may require other methods of treatment. We are able to provide such services as well, do highlight these problems to us when you do engage our services.

It is our pleasure to serve above and beyond our client’s needs, we will most definitely assist to steam clean your baby seats and prams as part of our full Bloop service hence do keep them in your vehicles for your appointment with us.

Because this system uses only water, you are not introducing anything into your environment that has new chemicals or odours which may affect your well-being. Steam cleaning will actually remove chemical residuals left behind from previous cleaning procedures as well. In addition, steam cleaning provides you with a means to sanitize many critical surfaces which are important to your health without using toxic germicides. Because steam cleaning even reaches into the pores of fabric and hard surfaces, it will drive out contaminants and chemical residue from those surfaces.

Existing cleaning regimen consists of applying a chemical or abrasive cleaner, then wiping or scrubbing the surface until the contaminant appears to be removed. This method is superficial at best, requires much physical effort, often degrades the surface, exposes our skin and lungs to harsh or toxic fumes, and leaves behind chemical residuals which dull and attract dirt to the finished surface.

The steam cleaning system removes surface contaminants without degrading the surface. The heat combined with very fine water particles penetrates even the pores - whatever the surface. This proven process thoroughly removes contaminants plus leaves the surface free of residuals. Visually superior results are achieved with less effort and no exposure to potentially discomforting or harmful chemical effects.

The steam also allows you to sanitize and deodorize areas that are impossible to treat mechanically or chemically.

Bloop Credits

Bloop credits expire 1 year from purchase. Kindly speak to any of our staff should you need to extend your credits due to unforeseen circumstances, we are happy to help

Yes of course, you may contact us directly and our team will be happy to assist you to update the change of vehicle in your profile and your credits can be used for your new car.

Bloop credits are strictly non-transferrable and non-shareable

The Bloop credits are unique to each user for the number of cars he owns (capped at 4 cars per person). 

Yes. We have special pricing available for volume purchases. We are a perfect gift idea if you’re looking for employee or customer awards, courtesy or thank-you gift giving, etc. Please contact us for details.