Why you should wax your car

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Why you should wax your car
Why you should wax your car

Protective Waxing: Why You Should Wax Your Car

Car owners know it is important to wash your car regularly to keep off dirt and grime that can damage the paint, but waxing is often seen as a luxury. Something car showrooms do to make their cars look more appealing, but is not practical for everyday use.

This couldn’t be further from the truth! Let us debunk some myths and tell you why you should consider waxing your car.

Wax Repels Water

Ever noticed how your car is full of unsightly water spots after it rains? That’s because when water collects on your car’s paint, it leaves dirt and contaminants on the surface once it evaporates. These dirt and contaminants can negatively affect your paint over time. The spots are also hard to remove, and you can potentially cause micro-scratches to your paint job while trying to remove them.

A coat of wax will help the water roll off your car’s surface more easily so you have less dirt and contaminants on your paint job.

Wax Protects Your Paint

Your car’s paint is exposed to all types of environments when you’re driving. UV rays, rain, pollutants, grit and many more can all damage your paint. Waxing adds a protective barrier over the paint that prevents chips and scratches, keeping your car looking like new.

Wax Can Fill in Micro-scratches

Sometimes, scratches are inevitable. In our daily driving, it is possible for the car to pick up micro-scratches along the way. While not immediately obvious such minor defects can add up and bring down the value of your car - not to mention its appeal.

Instead of paying a specialist to repair these imperfections, try waxing it yourself to see if it improves so you can potentially save on fees.

Wax Makes It Easier to Wash Your Car

This is a big one. Waxing can actually make your next car wash more effective. As a protective layer over your paint, wax makes it difficult for dirt and debris to stick to the surface of your car. This makes it easier to remove them while washing, saving you time, money and effort!

As you can see, waxing your car has more benefits than just a mirror shine! Not only will waxing regularly help it retain its showroom-looks for a longer time - so you get to enjoy its glossy finish. Knowing that the wax layer is protecting your car is just icing on the cake.

Depending on the type of wax used, you can wax your car anywhere from once a month to once every three months.

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