5 Car Problems Caused By a Bad Car Wash Job

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5 Car Problems Caused By a Bad Car Wash Job

5 Car Problems Caused By A Bad Car Wash Job


Our cars are our prized investments, that is why we must ensure that they are always safely handled. When we can’t find the time to clean them, we often entrust them to car wash businesses.


However, not all car wash businesses know how to take proper care of your vehicle. Here are some common indicators that your auto has been given a bad car wash job.


1. Scratches


Can’t remember how your car got scratches? It’s possible that they came from car wash brushes that are overly stiff and abrasive. This is common among car wash businesses that use automatic machines to scrub your vehicle.


Moreover, some businesses do not have their brushes cleaned after every wash so the debris from cars that were washed before yours can get stuck in the bristles. Depending on what materials are left on the brushes, these can ruin your car’s paintwork.


2. Water Spots


Another mark that strips off the shine from your car are water spots.This happens when your car is left to dry as is after a wash, or when the water used to clean your car is not filtered.


Not paying enough attention to this can cause mineral deposits from the water to leave permanent spots on your vehicle. Avoid this by having your car wiped down with a clean microfibre towel after washing.


3. Musty Scent


Properly drying your vehicle’s interior is just as important as drying its exterior. When car doors and windows are shut while its interior has not yet completely dried, it will leave a smell of mold and mildew that may be hard to eliminate.


Inexperienced detailers are usually not aware of the proper way to dry a car after washing. Hire a professional steam car wash detailer who will ensure that your vehicle is free from any stale smell before being returned.


4. Chipped Paintwork


High pressure from car wash machines and water jets can cause the paint of your car to chip off. This occurs when your car has already been slightly damaged, oftentimes because of rocks that hit your paint while driving on the road.


To prevent the chip from getting bigger, it is best to wash your car by hand or visit car washers with gentler cleaning methods.


5. Faded Coating


Besides water pressure, harsh car cleaning agents also damage your car’s coating. This is because of the corrosive chemicals needed to remove grime on surfaces. While acidic solutions can certainly help in clearing unpleasant residue on your vehicle, it can destroy both the paintwork and metal of your car’s exterior when left unwashed for too long.


Bird deposits also have the same effect on your car’s wax and paint, since they contain a high amount of uric acid at pH level 3. Hence, it is ideal to have them immediately removed through a safer cleaning method than your regular car wash


If you intend to increase the resale value of your vehicle in the future, maintaining its polished look is something you must consistently observe. To ease your mind from worrying about how your car could be mishandled, choose a trusted car wash expert that could keep your vehicle as good as new.


At Bloop Wash, our steam-powered car wash technology can deeply clean your entire vehicle without the use of harsh chemicals. We also save you from the hassle of braving long queues for a car wash as our services are 100% mobile!


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