Things you can do to keep your car eco-friendly

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Things you can do to keep your car eco-friendly

Things you can do to keep your car eco-friendly


In Singapore, cars contribute at least 158 grams of carbon dioxide per passenger to the country’s carbon footprint. It’s not as bad as the carbon footprint of flying, but when the goal is to become a greener Singapore, we must do what we can to make eco-friendlier life choices.


Of course, it doesn’t mean that you have to junk your car, especially when it is a vital asset if your work brings you all over the island or if you have small children. There are ways to make your vehicle more friendly to the environment. Here are some tips:


Do Not Overload Your Car


When you overload your car, several things can happen: one, the engine has to work harder to bring you and your passengers to your destination, consuming more fuel than necessary. Two, your tyres take the brunt of the load, which means that even if correctly inflated, your tyres make more road contact and can get worn faster.

Make sure that your car only contains the essentials. Leave clothes, shopping bags and other unnecessary items at home and only take on the recommended number of passengers for your vehicle. If you’re transporting a bulk of items, it’s best to plan several trips instead.


Offer Or Choose To Carpool


To lessen the carbon footprint of road vehicles, we need to diminish the number of cars on the road. This poses a problem for people who need to be mobile and cannot take public transportation. The solution: carpool.


Perhaps you have co-workers who live close by or neighbours who go the same route as your kids. Make the most out of your car’s mileage by organising carpools, or join one on some days you don’t need a vehicle for fieldwork.


Do Not Over-Fuel


Gasoline and diesel tend to expand as the day grows hotter, so it’s likely that if you top up your fuel in the morning, you’re already overfilling your fuel tank. Make sure that you leave room in your tank for the fuel to expand. This can help save you money, and also keep the environment from excess consumption.


Change Your Driving Habits


Did you know that when you frequently pump the accelerator or hit the brakes, you are consuming more fuel than necessary? Strategise your route and as much as possible, avoid roads that have a lot of traffic lights. Also, utilise your cruise control if the streets are clear.


Waiting in the car with the engine idle is also a fuel-waster. Turn off your engine if you’re waiting for your spouse in the grocery or if you’re queuing for take-out. It’s a small step, but it can save you a lot of emissions.


Get Washed Professionally


Washing the car yourself sounds like a way to save on money, but in reality, it wastes more resources than if you bring your vehicle to the carwash. Aside from wasting water to wash your car, it’s also a matter of where the dirty water goes. It’s likely that the dirty water flushed down your drain will end up unfiltered into the ocean. Professional car wash establishments, on the other hand, are often equipped with a more eco-friendly way to dispose of wastewater.


Or simply, do not use water at all for your car washing! Bloop Wash’s steam car wash uses zero wastewater, and you don’t even have to drive to our location to get your car looking like new. Simply drop us a message on our Facebook page or call 9139 8286 to book an appointment!