5 Common Mistakes Car Owners Make When Washing Their Cars

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5 Common Mistakes Car Owners Make When Washing Their Cars

5 Common Mistakes Car Owners Make When Washing Their Cars


Car owners want to make sure that their vehicles are always well taken care of, that’s why some of them prefer cleaning their cars on their own rather than bringing them out for car detailing. This is actually reasonable; however, there are a lot of common car cleaning practices out there that surprisingly do more harm than good to your vehicle.


Learn about the things you should avoid when washing your car in our article today.


Washing It Under Direct Sunlight


Washing your car under the sun for it to dry faster seems logical, but it actually leaves watermarks and soapmarks on your car’s exterior, still making your car appear dirty. According to car wash experts, this method also quickly dries up cheap car wash soap, leaving unwashed potentially corrosive chemicals on your car’s surface.


Leaving the Cupholders Uncleaned


Deep interior parts, especially those which you frequently use, accumulate dirt more easily compared to the rest of your vehicle’s interior. This explains how important it is to regularly clean the cupholders inside your car, where you usually place your morning coffee and other beverages. Besides washing them regularly, wipe them with a clean napkin after every use.


Cleaning With A Single Bucket


Some people only use one bucket to clean their car, dipping their sponge or cloth back in the container in between wipes. When you do this, you are just moving the dirt you removed from your car to the bucket, then back to the vehicle. Moreover, you are likely to scratch your car with the sediments trapped in your sponge or microfibre. And speaking of these two...


Using a Sponge or Microfibre Cloth


Cleaning your car with a sponge or a microfibre cloth may seem harmless because of its non-abrasive material, but both of them pull too much dirt and grime that may leave your vehicle scratched and streaked. As an alternative, car wash experts recommend using synthetic chamois, a cloth that effectively absorbs moisture without damaging your car’s paint.


Washing The Wheels First


The wheels and tires are the parts of your car that go directly in contact with the road, picking up all the dirt, tar, and grime that get your vehicle soiled and filthy. When you wash your car from the bottom up, you are increasing the chances of transferring these substances to other parts of your auto. Wash your wheels and tires last and your car will achieve that extra shine.


Too Busy To Wash Your Own Car?


If you’re one with a consistently jam-packed schedule, it’s not always easy to find time to clean your own car. Why not try this safe car cleaning method approved by professionals?


At Bloop Wash, our steam-powered car wash technology can deeply clean your entire vehicle without the use of harsh chemicals. No need to unload all your things from the trunk nor wait in long lines at the car wash shop — just take out your personal belongings from your car and we’ll come to you wherever you are!


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