Do’s and Dont's of Car Care

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Do’s and Dont's of Car Care
Do’s and Dont's of Car Care

In Singapore, your car is one of your biggest investments, so it makes sense that you want the best for it. However, the wear and tear of daily commute can do a number on your car, no matter how tough it is. Rain, dust from construction sites, and daily pollution can slowly scrape at your car’s paint job, and without regular care, cause damage to your car over time and depreciate its value.

Don’t fret! Follow these car care tips to make sure your car remains as pristine as the day you bought it.

Do Rinse Before You Soap Your Car

Before doing anything to your car, it’s best to give it a good rinse. This way, the water can wash away miniscule debris that can scratch your paint job if you apply a cloth to it right away. Also, a rinse makes sure that you don’t spread the dirt to other parts of the vehicle.

Don't Wash Under Direct Sunlight

Ever had a problem with water stains when your car dries under the sun? It’s frustrating! You wash your car thoroughly only for it to dry with unsightly marks that just makes your ride look dirtier than before.

To solve this, never wash your car under direct sunlight or when the engine is still hot. Residue from the water you’re using, whether they are dirt or minerals from hard water, can dry up faster on a hot car, leaving streaks and water stains. Always keep your car in a shaded area when washing to save your time and effort.

Don't Use A Sponge

While a household sponge works for your dishes, using any normal sponge to wash your car is a big no-no. The surface of rough sponges are prime material for trapping dirt and debris, which can scratch your paint job and lead to fine scratching and unsightly swirl marks. Instead, opt for a gentler material like chamois or a wash mitt that is specially designed to clean vehicles instead. These are better at carrying soap suds and water to increase the effectiveness of your cleaning, while still being gentle enough not to damage the top coat of your paint.

Do Use Two Buckets


Whatever, you do, do not double-dip! Washing your car with the same dirty water that was on your car is an exercise in futility -- all you’re doing is transferring the dirt from one place to another. When you soap your vehicle and then proceed to clean the wash mitt in the same bucket, all you’re doing is recycling the dirt and debris — resulting in a car that looks streaky and dirty.

To avoid this, you can set out two buckets before you even start. One for your soapy water and the other for clean water to rinse your wash mitt. After applying the soapy water on your car’s surface, proceed to wash out the soap and debris in the clean water bucket before dipping into the soapy water again.

Don’t Use Harsh Soaps

Your car should not be using just any soap -- there are special car wash soaps that specifically designed to take care of your vehicle. Liquid detergents, dishwashing soap or bathroom cleaners are all too harsh for your paint job and may just ruin your car’s colour. Best to stick to dedicated automotive car cleaners to protect not only your car paint but other plastic and rubber parts as well.

Or better yet, don’t use soap at all! A steam-powered car wash can deep clean your vehicle inside and out without using harsh chemicals. Steam car washes also work double-duty in sanitising the interior and exterior of your car, keeping you safe from illnesses while avoiding streaks on your paint job.

For an extensive and deep clean beyond what traditional soap and water can do, book your steam car wash service with BLOOP today!