Steam Car Wash Vs Normal Car Wash

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Steam Car Wash Vs Normal Car Wash
Steam Car Wash Vs Normal Car Wash

No matter what you drive, be it a family sedan, luxury coupe or SUV — all cars could use a deep clean once in a while to keep them in tiptop condition.

If you’re using traditional car washing methods (chemicals, water and cloth), you might find that your car is never as clean as the first day you received it; even if you take the time to wash it weekly.

So how can you give your car the deep clean it deserves and restore its factory-fresh condition?

The answer lies in steam cleaning.

What is Steam Cleaning?

Favoured by detailers all over the world, steam cleaning uses steam vapor to loosen dirt and grime on surfaces while heat from the steam sanitises by killing bacteria, germs and dust mites. The steam is delivered via a high-pressure wash and is suitable for cleaning a car’s exterior and interior without damaging the surface.

Here’s how a steam wash compares versus your traditional soap-and-water wash:

Hard to Reach Areas and Fabrics/Carpets

Traditional Wash:

With soap and water the areas you clean are limited to where your cloth can reach. This makes hard to reach areas like your vents, foot well, dashboard and cubbies time-consuming and challenging to clean. Traditional car wash techniques are also ineffective for fabric seats and carpets, as they’re only able to clean the top layer of these areas.

Steam Wash:

Using the right nozzles, steam cleaning gets rid of dust, dirt, mould and allergens that have accumulated in your car’s hard to reach places over time! They can also penetrate layers fabrics to give it a thorough cleanse from within — giving you a peace of mind and getting rid of any odour-causing materials that might have been festering.

Environmental Friendliness

Traditional Wash:

The traditional method of washing cars can use several large pails of water depending on the size of the car. Additionally, the dirty water that is a byproduct of the cleanup process is often dumped into drains and the resulting water residue is also troublesome to clean.

Steam Wash:

In contrast, steam cleaning uses very little water compared to traditional methods, while being more effective. Steam breaks the adhesive bond between dirt and your car’s surface, saving you from having to splash water and wipe the area multiple times. As a bonus, the steam simply evaporates into the air during the wash, so there is no messy clean up required!

Sanitisation and Harsh Chemicals

Traditional Wash:

Traditional car washes rely on harsh chemical agents and solvents to dislodge grime and dirt from your car’s surface. If you’re not careful, these cleaning products can potentially be strong enough to remove paint or protective layers — ruining the finish!

Steam Wash:

Steam cleaning uses heat to naturally sanitise and kill off bacteria, germs and dust mites without using any chemicals. It’s strong enough to clean yet gentle enough not to damage the surface of your car. It is the most natural and purest way to sanitise your car with no chemical residue.

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